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Narrowboating holidays on Britain’s Inland Waterways is a wonderful adventure; civilised because you carry all your home comforts with you; and an adventure because around every bend there is something new and surprising to discover and enjoy with your family and friends.First time boaters are given a friendly welcome by everybody on the canal.

narrowboating holidaysBut you won’t be inexperienced for very long, for within a short time you will be gliding serenely around the first bend into a whole new and different world.

The specially designed boats (narrowboats) are easy to handle and of course, everything happens at a relaxed pace.  You will be given all the instruction you need by the holiday company and will soon head off on your very own adventure like a seasoned boater.

Your boat will be fully equipped with every modern amenity, so self-catering becomes a pleasure, but there are also many canalside pubs, once essential ‘staging posts’ for the working boats of the last century, which are now popular watering holes for holiday boaters; and most offer great food at reasonable prices.

Narrowboating holidays

narrowboat interiorWe can offer you holidays with the best of the country’s narrowboat holiday operators on these specially constructed narrowboat holiday boats.

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