Narrowboat holidays and Narrow boat hire.
Narrowboat and Narrow boat holidays and hire.


Narrowboat Holidays and Narrow Boat Hire

The free information service for the very best in narrowboat and narrow boat holidays on the Canals, Rivers and Inland Waterways of England and Wales.

Use this website to unlock the secret world that is Britain's inland waterways and find the perfect location for your narrowboat holiday.

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There is nothing quite like a narrowboat and narrow boat holiday on Britain's Inland waterways.    Enforced relaxation, while drifting along at no more than a few miles an hour, enforced activity as you come to a flight of locks. 

Camaraderie when you meet other boaters, friendliness when you tie up at the pub for a drink or a meal.  A holiday of contrasts, taken at a slow pace.  The variety is endless, city, town, village and country, wide canal, narrow canal and river. 

Every bend brings forth some new feature.  You can never see it all, no matter how many times you return.    But why worry?  Narrowboat and narrow boat holidays are for relaxation, for unwinding from every day pressures, for doing what you like, when you like. 

Two thousand miles of tranquil waterways, threading their way through some of Britain's most beautiful and unspoiled countryside, offering a haven for wildlife and an insight into our industrial heritage.  A network of waterways taking you to the heart of major cities, with all the entertainment and leisure facilities that they provide.

Narrowboat and Narrow boat holidays and hire.

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